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Eastern Europe tour by AS & A Level students

Teaching and learning can become inherently spontaneous and student-centred when moved from the confinements of the classroom into the world at large. From the collaborative learning atmosphere that results from the unique relationships developed outside the classroom, to the deep learning that occurs when students must put into practice “in the real world” what they have theorized about from behind a desk, field experiences are unmatched in their learning potential. Field experiences early in a student’s career can be formative and can inspire students to continue in a field.

To help further strengthen this cause, 17 students from Billabong High International School's AS and A Level have departed for Eastern Europe on an experiential learning tour. The 11-day tour includes stops at Munich, Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Vienna and Budapest - a total of 5-country tour.

As part of the tour, students will learn in-depth knowledge about World War II, Auschwitz concentration camps and the Holocaust. They will also visit sites such as Führerbunker, Reichstag building, Berlin Wall Memorial, amongst many others; providing students a invaluable knowledge and getting to experience the history of such sites in person.

This is the first such tour by a Maldivian school to Eastern Europe.

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