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Our curriculum is dynamic and responsive – it evolves, responds and develops in accordance with the needs of our students and contemporary research into learning and teaching, while maintaining the highest international standards demanded by international accreditation agencies.
Primary School Curriculum Overview (Grade 1 to 4)

At the primary level, an international team of curriculum developers from Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd (KKEL), annually upgrade the curriculum to ensure that it synthesizes with the latest relevant research on child and adult learning. Subjects such as social sciences, literature and sciences are offered from a very young age to expose students to a wide variety of disciplines. 

For example: A Grade 2 English Language class reading the famous children's book "The Fantastic Mr.Fox" by Roald Dahl. In this KKEL lesson, we not only teach reading and English grammar through the story book. We encapsulate all the intelligences through each reading. In this class, children will learn poems related to the book, they will learn science - for e.g. why foxes have a heightened sense of smell and why they see better at night. 

They will make artwork, draw cartoons, and make books marks - inspired by the book. They'll Play Creative games, such as "what is Fact or Fantasy" in the book, and imagine themselves in the Story and learn to think critically - discuss what is Fact or Opinion in the book, and pose questions "If I were?" and engage in higher order thinking.

This makes our lessons intellectually stimulating, highly engaging and most importantly extremely fun. It makes the lesson something meaningful enough and worth remembering.

Similarly, the students are also taught Islam, Dhivehi and Quran from the Maldivian National Curriculum.  This is to incorporate the national identity, faith, patriotism and cultural values simultaneously with the global outlook that they acquire from the foreign curriculum. 

At the primary level, students are not subjected to rigorous forms of assessments, rather they are assessed during the lesson continuously.

Middle School Curriculum Overview (Grade 5 to 8)


We are the only school in Maldives to offer Cambridge Checkpoint at Lower Secondary Level. Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint tests have been designed to assess learners at the end of Cambridge Lower Secondary (Grade 8).  They are available in English, English as a second language, mathematics and science, and give valuable feedback on learners’ strengths and weaknesses before they progress to the next stage of education. 

Billabong High is the first school in Maldives to offer Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations at the end of Grade 8.

Senior School Curriculum Overview (Grade 9 to 12)

Billabong High International School follows Cambridge IGCSE, which is a two year course designed year 11 -14 age group students.


Our students regularly make it as top achievers in Cambridge examination not only in Maldives but also into make it to the World Top Ten. Billabong High has also managed to get the school achievement award from the Ministry of Education for having more than 60% students passing in 5 or more subjects. 

Students at Grade 11 & 12 at Billabong High International School, follow the Cambridge AS and A level program. This gives them a continuity of curriculum from the IGCSEs and also is internationally recognized as an entry level requirement for Universities and colleges. 


At Billabong High International School, we aim to develop student’s knowledge, understanding and skills in tune with Cambridge curriculum in order to develop in-depth subject content, independent, logical thinking, presenting ordered and coherent arguments, presenting reasoned explanations, understanding implications, making judgments, recommendations and decisions.

At Billabong High, we offer a continuum by offering Cambridge curriculum through the secondary years.

The on-going professional growth of our highly-skilled faculty is a key factor for improving curriculum and student learning.

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