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Billabong High International School
Destiny Campus

Billabong High International School - Destiny Campus was opened in February 2009. It was the first international school that was opened in Malè, the capital island of the country.


We offer education to students from Grades 1 to 12, beginning from primary to the completion of secondary Cambridge IGCSE & A Levels, to a student population of about 870 students. A small class size of approximately 25 students, and 2 to 3 classes within each grade, ensures that all our students get special attention in their classrooms and in all school activities. 

Housed in a five-storey building on the Ameenee Magu (road), the school is centrally located and is equipped with 3 Science Labs and 2 Computer Labs and  a dedicated Art room. The school has a large auditorium where most of the functions take place. 

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