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This isn't your everyday sports club. We've tapped into world-class expertise to create a standout physical education program. The IUA team is proud to have physical education experts Mr. Jussi from Finland, and Mr. Jerson from Philippines, who together bring a wealth of international experience. 

Our approach to physcial education not only develops the body but also places significant focus on nurturing the mind and spririt of children towards sports. 

At IUA, we recognize the pitfalls of specializing in a single sport too early. Our approach emphasizes holistic physical development. We focus on full- body conditioning, advocate for balanced nutrition, and foster a positive mindset towards both participation and healthy competition during these crucial formative years.

But that's not all. IUA is about creating a community. Our aim is to foster a love for physical fitness that spans the entire family and cultivate a sense of belonging. In a fresh twist, we are planning to host practices early in the morning before school. This novel approach not only shakes up the routine but also encourages parents to join in and kick-start their day with the dose of exercise


Islanders Education has joined forces with Study International UK (SI UK) to provide incredible opportunities for A-Level students. Our new "Futures" center at Billabong High School is dedicated to empowering students with exclusive access to SI UK's offerings. Our trained counselors will provide personalized guidance, ensuring students make informed decisions about their higher education journey. We're also thrilled to offer internships for Grade 9-10 students, providing real-world experiences to shape their future careers. Additionally, Grades 11-12 students can take assessments to discover their unique talents and select the best study pathway for their university education. This partnership reaffirms our commitment to student success and positions us as an educational innovator. Join us as we unlock a world of possibilities for our students!


Taking learning to the next level

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