2017 "Maahefun" Event
2017 Sports Meet
2017 Teachers' Day
Staff BBQ
2017 Teachers' Day
2017 Teachers' Day
2017 Teachers' Day
2016 Staff Appreciation Night
2017 Teachers' Day
2017 Teachers' Day Trip
2017 Teachers' Day
2017 "Maahefun" Event
2017 Teachers' Day Trip
Professional Development Session
Professional Development Session

Working at Billabong High can be a very rewarding experience. We are the one of the first private schools to be set up in whole of Maldives. We are considered as a premier academic institution in the country. Our staff consists of hand picked faculty from different nationalities. For languages we prefer native speakers. Apart from that we have teachers from India, Europe, Sri Lanka and Maldives. We are like a big happy family and help each other both at the professional and personal front. The school management is approachable and understanding. Our support staff is always willing to assist you whenever the need arises.

We believe, that the teachers are the main pillars of our institution and they have to be respected and cared for. The students and parents are always willing to cooperate. You can expect high level of discipline in your classes which will make your life much easy as a teacher. This is reflected in our results every year. This year almost 38% of our students appearing for IGCSEs received A* and A in all the subjects. Isn't is spectacular?

We expect our teachers to be professional and committed to their job. Punctuality to school and classes is a must. Contact time with the students have to be utilized in the best possible manner. At the primary and lower secondary level we follow the KKEL (Kangaroo Kids curriculum which is a very well planned and scientific curriculum. Loads of resources are provided to the teachers, the paper work is minimum which makes it easy for the teacher to concentrate on their lesson planning. At the upper secondary level we follow Cambridge IGCSE and A Levels.

The school has a professional development budget and we ensure that it is well spent. You will be expected to go for trainings (both face to face and online) as and when the need arises. The academic management will take this decision based on their assessment of your performance.

We have a very fair and transparent appraisal system. If you are doing something good then it will not go unnoticed.

We work 5 days a week. We respect your right of having a relaxed weekend; however, sometimes you might be expected to work on a weekend. The principal usually takes these decisions based on the needs of the academic calendar.

As an expatriate teacher you will be provided rent free accommodation. We have full time maintenance support staff which looks into your accommodation related issues (if any).

GROW Rewards Scheme

GROW Rewards Scheme is how we recognition the excellence and commitment of our teachers and staff.
GROW is a holistic plan for the future growth of our staff, it not only offer professional development but also develops and enhances the personal lives of staff.

GROW stands for the four dimensions of the reward scheme.


We provide series of Professional Development Programs​​​ in pedagogy, education management and curriculum training each year. IE also provide Educational Scholarships​ for staff who wish to go an extra mile to pursue higher studies whilst working at the school.


The IE Annual Awards​ is held once a year at the end of the school to honor and recognize those who have shown exemplary performance that year. Recognition is also given to staff in the form of salary increments and annual bonuses for those who reach and go beyond performance targets.



The Leader's Path ​is a fast track for those with high potential to rapidly climb up the ladder within the group. Those chosen on the path is offered great opportunities and exposure to programs, study trips and experiences both within and outside the group.



IE offers a great package to take care of the personal lives of staff, from local and international medical insurance, emergency loan schemes, educational discounts and accommodation​ in the capital city.

We are confident that you will love working at Billabong High.

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