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Get to grips with what your child may come across on the internet and how to get help if you need it.

Dear Parents,

The digital or ‘virtual’ world is a very exciting and ever changing experience for both our youngsters and ourselves. Everyday we get overwhelmed at the speed of change and struggle to keep up with the latest innovations, inventions and apps and devices. Equally, the potential and real dangers of the internet and of other digital communication is constantly there and developing in new and unexpected ways. At school we try to ‘educate’ our youngsters, encouraging them to use and exploit the fantastic resources but to also be aware of the potential dangers and pitfalls. To help in this aim, the school provides learning opportunities about cyber bullying/cyber safety in a series of lessons and assemblies. All year groups have received this information. 

Research shows that a school’s influence though is only about 20%. Your role, in talking through your child’s digital ‘behaviours’ is vastly more influential and we would really encourage you to be having regular conversations, debates and ‘show and tells’ with your children

Please be as involved in your child’s virtual life as you are in their real one; the dangers AND the benefits are just as important.


Here are few links to get more information about cyber safety

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