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College Counselling

Today’s high school graduates face a world of uncertainties—economic, political, social, environmental. 

At Billabong High International School, we make certain our students are ready—with a sure sense of who they are as people; as thinkers; as members of a diverse, dynamic community; and as citizens of a complex and evolving world. That is why our college counseling program strives to help students find the college or university that best matches their individual strengths and interests. Our talented team of college counselors have one goal in mind: to help students achieve both happiness and success in their higher education choices.


Our students are notably well-prepared as they graduate and progress to each new challenge. They begin college with qualities of character and mind that few other freshmen possess—civility, endurance, social agility, and self-reliance. These qualities ensure success in college and a well-laid path for life.

We understand that the college admission process can be complex and confusing, and we work closely with our students and families to make it as smooth as possible.

Starting in ninth grade, our team directs students in college awareness throughout Senior School, with specific discussions about college planning taking place during junior and senior years. BHIS counseling process also involves parent education on the variety of college choices, admission procedures, standards, and trends.

To provide quality services to our learners, we have partnered with Edlocate Pvt. Ltd. Edlocate is a premier student recruitment organization in Sri Lanka and the Maldives for selected tertiary institutions in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Representatives from Edlocate are reguarly visiting our campus and interacting with the learners to guide and mentor them.

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