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We believe that all pupils can be successful in an environment which is caring, optimistic and encouraging. Billabong High is a happy school which provides an atmosphere which supports pupils and enables their success, their development of character and well-being. Our pupils know that they are valued as individuals with unique needs, strengths and potential.

Our uniquely supportive environment ensures that, by the time they leave school, they are intellectually curious and emotionally intelligent thinkers, eager to engage with the world around them whilst resisting the rush to judgment, sensitive to the needs and beliefs of others but with the courage of their own convictions too.

The promotion of well-being, care for each other and resilience lies at the core of our School. The pupils know they have a voice that is listened to by teachers and fellow pupils. Initiatives such as School Council; Study Buddy are centre-stage in school life. Within structures such as these our pupils find their voice and develop leadership skills that will last a lifetime.

Apart from this, we have a dedicated train staff who looks in to specific needs of student well being and engages in timely intervention as and when required.

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